Box of Birds dance performance

A live performance installation for YOU’RE HISTORY!

20 – 24 November
Wed-Sun, 9pm

Performance Space @ Carriageworks
245 Wilson St Eveleigh NSW

performance direction Tess de Quincey
choreography & dance Linda Luke, Kathryn Puie, Ellen Rijs & Kirsten Packham
totemic beings Ryuichi Fujimura, Krisztina Joos, Lian Loke, Monique Lyle & Anita Maritz
kuroko Gideon Payten-Griffiths

photographic projections Mireille Astore & Anne Ferran
vocals/text Mireille Astore
felt objects & costumes Anne Ferran & Katja Handt
lighting Sian James-Holland
sound Vic McEwan

Inviting audiences deep within the nooks and crannies of Carriageworks’ grand industrial passageways, Box of Birds invades YOU’RE HISTORY! for a mythic late-night journey through the shadows of the human psyche – probing the power of the past, life on the outskirts, and distorted memories in an immersive melting pot of large-scale photography, improvised dance and live music.

Fusing Anne Ferran’s acclaimed photographic trilogy of 1940′s psychiatric patients (INSULA1-38Box of Birds – exhibition) with the unpredictable swing of Australia’s BodyWeather dance collective, De Quincey Co’sBox of Birds conjures a labyrinth-like domain where other-worldly fashion and immersive sound design intertwines with select readings of the legendary German philosopher, Frederich Nietzsche.

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The Nullaqaeria Variations by The Conductors @ SEAM

Video still from The Nullaqaeria Variations, Cockatoo Island

The Nullaquaeria Variations presents an elusive series of choreographical acts, in which the boundaries between author, audience and documenter are increasingly blurred or brought into question. The transgressions of these boundaries, and the subsequent embedment of participants themselves into the work will open up discourses, both personal and collective, into the nature of performance and its dissemination. In particular, it is expected the “opening up” of the conceptual spaces in which the work is made leads to works that resist codification and allow new methods of delivery, representation and, ultimately, interpretation.

The Conductors, SEAM 2013 Catalogue

Video installation at Critical Path Choreographic Research Centre, November 2013

Michael Lewarne, Lian Loke, Linda Luke, Thomas Rivard and Paul Warren

Installation at SEAM2013 Critical Path

Category Dance


4 – 9 NOVEMBER 2013

Monday-Friday 9.30-5.30
Saturday 9 November 2-5pm

The University of Sydney

Dancers, artists, artist-academics and academics are invited to participate in a six-day process that consists of a 5-day workshop followed by a public symposium on day 6. As a continuation of their 2012 Sydney workshop, Frank and Tess will further share and explore the legacy of images that were an integral part of their BodyWeather training and performances within Min Tanaka’s MAI-JUKU performance group in Japan from 1984 until 1991. They will also explore a new format for exchange between practitioners and writers, with the latter effectively ‘embedded’ or integrated within the image practice and research.

Besides a rigorous introduction to the images and methods of BodyWeather image-practice, the process will encourage the development of individual images generated by participants for use in contemporary performance whilst engaging with writers and thinkers to tease out questions underlying the physical work.

The second day, Tuesday, of the workshop will include an evening of presentations from independent BodyWeather dancers who will perform a short selection of their own images in the studio and then talk about the genesis of the images and the process around them.

Dr Amanda Card from The University of Sydney will facilitate the input from the artist/academics observing  or integrated within the image practice and research during the workshop phase. Daily review and coordination by Frank, Tess and Amanda will ensure a balance of physical and discursive work throughout the process.

The final Saturday opens out this process to audiences in a symposium with a focus on the nature and function of ‘images’ and their embodiment from a BodyWeather perspective. Besides exploring the use of imagery across different cultures, this public event will include the demonstration of workshop and image techniques as well as the construction and articulation of images from an ancestral and cross-cultural perspective with contributions from a number of independent BodyWeather dancers.

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Ecologies of Invention book


Chapter essay by Dagmar Reinhardt and Lian Loke, “Entangled: Complex Bodies and Sensate Machines”

Ecologies of Invention
Edited by Andy Dong, John Conomos and Brad Buckley
Sydney University Press

Category Research

Impro Exchange

Three days of sharing, improvising and observing movement with Peter Fraser, at Critical Path Choreographic Dance Centre. Lots of new strategies for generating movement and breaking the habit-body. ‘Noticing’ is a key pivot for shifting awareness and creating receptivity to what is arising in the moment.

Category Dance

Dissentience Closing Event

Category Art

DisSentience exhibition

Category Art

Power and Constraint

6 Women Dance, Casula Powerhouse

Collaboration with rope artist Garth Knight. Mentored by choreographer Tess de Quincey, as part of 6 Women Dance at Casula Powerhouse, March 2013.

Category Dance

New projects

New projects for 2012 include My Mind Y/Our Body with Michaela Davies. See Leading into this project is a 10 day workshop on Butoh image work with Tess de Quincey and Frank van de Ven.

Ghost[s] and the[ir] machine[s], an exhibition of interactive installations from the MIDEA Studio USyd, co-curated by Deb Turnbull and Lian Loke, Darlington Old School, June 2012.


Biome Symposium and Digital Interdisciplinations Exhibition, August 2012
Black Spring interactive installation, Dagmar Reinhardt and Lian Loke.

I Love Todd Sampson, The Living Room Theatre Company – part of team responsible for the Spence Room. Immersive image-based theatre to be shown at Pier 2/3 Walsh Bay, March 2013

DisSentience is an exhibition of a dystopic Home of the Future, blending immersive performance with embedding of digital/electronic technologies into domestic rituals. It will have an experimental showing in June 2013.

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2011 Highlights

Expanded Architecture, Carriageworks
Performer with Linda Luke, devised by Tom Rivard, Michael Lewarne, Paul Warren, costumes by Francesca Veronesi, photo Baki Kocaballi

Urban Realities Landscape Urbanism 3 Day Design Challenge,
Melbourne Docklands

Team: Tom Rivard, Michael Lewarne with Francesco Amendola, Chris Bickerton, Tega Brain, Lian Loke, Sergai Netchaef, Maz Salt, Hiroyasu Tsuri and Dario Vacirca.

Lull Studios 2011
Performer in Elena Knox’s 5 channel video work
Videographer: Paul Warren, Photographer: Matt Fatches, Makeup/wig/body art: Glitta Supernova

with George Khut
SEAM Symposium, Critical Path

Critical Path Residency
with Tess de Quincey, George Khut, Justin Shoulder and Baki Kocaballi
Development of a participatory live-art installation comprising ritual interactions focused on breath, heartbeat, constriction and compression.

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